A Hot Summer Night After Wine
by Michael Keshigian

He found himself at the symphony
where the sophisticated people milled about,
dropping names while drinking champagne
served in the entrance foyer.
A quite haughty yet beautiful woman
approached him, stepped out of her dress
and sat in the seat next to his,
her attire falling to her ankles.
She stated that only he, presently,
and her husband, not in attendance,
had peeked the enhanced cleavage
created by her push-up under garments.
The spotlight turned from the conductor
upon his podium to highlight
her abundant breasts,
though the diamond necklace around her neck
produced a glare that blinded his stare
and caused him to fall forward
while the orchestra played the Habanera
from Bizet’s Carmen.
He awoke squeezing the ample pillows
upon which he slept.
An hour later, he stared out the window
at the rain drenched lawn
when a black bear entered
his field of vision,
a huge, angry bear, walking upright,
with matted fur from the ensuing cloudbursts
that created a stick-like figure
when the beast turned sideways,
lifted his head toward dark heaven
and roared a window shattering plea
then galloped toward the house for respite,
pounding thunderously at the door
which woke him for the second time this night.

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