by David Sermersheim

you thought it would stay
in one place
adopt a contented pose
lounge languidly by the fire
without complaint
nor ask for more
than could be given

little did you know
this thing had a mind
of its own
and was after
all you call your own

you were working for it
meeting its capricious demands
with no compensatory gratuities
stated or implied
in an ad hoc arrangement
made on its terms
not yours

other possibilities were pursued
to no advantage
most were closed
to further inquiry

the homunculus clung
to the web it wove
spun round a routine
that met his demands
along with a free lunch
that was not discussed

now you’re
out the door
on the street
looking back at
a brightly-lit room
where visions of poignant scenes
fade into misty shadows

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