I have to give top billing to Vermont College!
Vermont College MFA in Writing
Vermont College from their site... The Master of Fine Arts in Writing is a two-year terminal degree program in Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, and Writing for Children for adult students and working writers. The degree is awarded on the basis of advanced accomplishments in creative writing, contemporary letters and applied criticism. The MFA in Writing program offers two distinct writing tracks, one for poets, fiction and nonfiction writers, and one for writers of books for children. Each track meets as a separate group, twice each year.
Bennington Writing Seminars from their site... Generating original work is the focus of the program. In the Seminars, the conventional divide between reading and writing disappears. More than most writing programs, we place an emphasis upon reading, seeing writing and reading, for the strong writer, to be part of the same process. Our aim is to educate and provide a vortex for persons of letters, helping students discover the literary traditions and innovations that inspire, animate, inform, and propel original work. We examine contributions made as essayists, reviewers, commentators, editors, and other roles that together constitute a life in letters.
Boise State University from their site... An MFA from Boise State is a solid terminal degree that qualifies the writer to teach literature and writing on a collegiate level. For writers seeking such qualifications, the program offers course work in the form, theory, and teaching of creative writing, as well as invaluable training and experience in the classroom.
Burlington College from their site... The Writing and Literature major is designed to strengthen the connections between our experiences as readers and as writers. It provides students with a broad view of literature as well as a chance to practice one or more forms of creative writing. Many courses in the major combine the study of literature with the practice of both creative and critical writing. As students move into advanced courses, they may focus on one genre, such as poetry or screenwriting, or explore several. Students are also encouraged to study from a global perspective that includes both “popular” and “classical” literature.
California Institute of the Arts from their site... The Critical Studies MFA Writing Program is designed to attract students who are actively searching for an intelligent alternative to programs in critical theory and creative writing available within universities and comparable institutions. Candidates are likely to be intellectually capable of phd work but are keen to develop their confidence and range as writers in the uniquely eclectic and experimental ambience that CalArts provides
Florida State University from their site... FSU's creative writing program, among the country's best is home to winners of the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, and features a faculty known not just as writers, but as teachers of writing --including the author of the most-adopted creative writing text in the world. All admitted students ordinarily receive tuition waivers and teaching assistantships. Several competitive fellowships are also available.
Goddard College from their site... Founded in 1863, Goddard is recognized for innovation in education. Our mission is to advance the theory and practice of learning by undertaking new experiments based upon the ideals of democracy, and the principles of progressive education first asserted by John Dewey. Goddard's students are regarded as unique individuals who take charge of their own learning. Through collaboration with faculty and staff, Goddard encourages students to become creative, passionate, lifelong learners, working and living with an earnest concern for others and for the welfare of the Earth.
New College of California from their site... Poetry is the root of all other forms of verbal art, at once the most ancient and the most contemporary medium of human expression. The New College Poetics Program is unique in that it makes the history, theory, and creation of poetry its central focus. While drama and prose fiction are part of the curriculum, they are taught so as to foreground their poetic qualities. The encompassing knowledge of poetry-making in many forms and manifestations is what we mean by poetics. Deep study of poetics—and thus of the vast possibilities of poetic language is an absolute prerequisite to sustained achievement in the art. Poetry is not merely individual expression, but the skilled arrangement of words so as to release and channel their imaginative, musical, and syntactic potential, and thereby to reframe the way we know the world.
New England College from their site... The New England College low residency Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing joins a rigorous curriculum with a peripatetic style. Conversations among faculty and students on literary and craft topics are as integral to the program's pedagogy as the classroom teaching itself. More than just a graduate course of study, this program strives to teach its students how to become better poets by providing a transformative experience in the study of creative writing and literature. Twice a year, students from around the country gather on the campus of New England College in Henniker, New Hampshire to form a close-knit, non-competitive community that fosters collegiality, guidance, and a practical way to meet graduate requirements for an MFA degree in poetry while carrying on vocational and/or familial responsibilities.
New School University from their site... The New School has been a vital center for creative writing and the instruction of writing since 1931, when distinguished editor Gorham Munson offered our first writing workshop. The New School offers a graduate writing program leading to the M.F.A. degree with concentrations in Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction, and Writing for Children. Application deadline is January 15 for the following academic year.
Southhampton College from their site... Southampton's innovative Master of Fine Arts Program in Writing is committed to meeting the needs of a society increasingly dependent on the intelligent use of language and welcomes writers whose creativity expresses itself in any form of words from novels, poetry, and screen plays to scientific, social, and business analysis.
Southwest Texas State University from their site... The Southwest Texas MFA studio/academic program maintains a balance in coursework between writing workshops and seminars in literature. The program requires 48 semester credit hours, including 12 hours of writing workshops, 15 hours of literature, 3 hours of form and theory, 3 hours of the analysis of literary techniques, 9 hours in a minor field, and 6 hours of thesis leading to the production of a book-length work of literary worth. In addition, students must pass a comprehensive examination designed to measure their understanding of the relationship between their own writing and traditional and contemporary practices in their genre.
St. Mary's College from their site... The MFA Program in Creative Writing is a two-year course of study in the genres of Poetry, Fiction, and Playwriting. The Program takes as its central mission the education and formal training of serious writers. It is distinguished by its commitment to the writer as an intellectual functioning within a cultural context. We believe that writing is one of the primary ways of knowing and that contemporary writers participate in an ongoing conversation with the great works of the present and the past.
University of Minnesota from their site... The Department of English offers the Master of Fine Arts degree for students committed to pursuing the writing life. This three-year degree provides advanced, graduate-level coursework in writing, language, and literature, as well as study in a related field. The third year of the Program focuses on the final development of a book-length manuscript suitable for publication. Workshops in poetry, fiction, and literary non-fiction are at the heart of the Creative Writing Program, while courses in the Reading as Writers and Topics in Advanced Writing series enable writers to explore a variety of issues relating to contemporary themes in American and world literature. The Program encourages experimentation across genres, fostering the discovery of new and varied forms for a developing voice.
University of Wisconsin - Madison from their site... The Creative Writing Program at Wisconsin provides a full range of opportunities for students and writers to study, practice, and receive recognition for, the craft of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. For information on the undergraduate English Major with a Creative Writing Emphasis, the MFA in Creative Writing, the Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing (post-MFA fellowships), The Madison Review literary magazine, The University of Wisconsin Press Poetry Series (Brittingham and Pollak Prizes), options for MA and PhD students, readings and residencies, and campus writing competitions, please scroll down or click on the appropriate buttons on the left.
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee from their site... Students are required to take a minimum of 24 credits in courses approved for graduate credit, to include a two-semester sequence in fiction (715-815) or poetry (716-816). Two additional writing courses and two graduate literature courses are required. The remaining 6 credits may be selected from a wide range of electives. A major component of the program is the final project--a substantial work of fiction or poetry which should grow out of the student's course work and independent study. The student takes an oral exam on the project and a related reading list of texts representative of the student's literary background and interests.
Warren Wilson College from their site... The Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers is more than a course of study; it is a way to become a better writer. Every six months students gather here on the Warren Wilson College campus, located outside of Asheville in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Although they come from all over the country, they form a cohesive, non-competitive community that offers comraderie, direction and a practical way to pursue writing while maintaining the responsibilities of adult life.
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