The Roundhouse
by Christopher Corbett

They placed a camera at the base of the bridge
in case it explodes while we’ve gone away

It reminded me of something you said once
That if you had the power to choose,
you’d always be the last to know

Well it’s been years now since I left you
abandoned my own heart even
like a building that refused to burn

(only time will sort the greater ill)

I traveled as far as the Atlantic would take me
through the corridors of an empty roundhouse
and the vanished trains of the undercroft

In my time, I’ll travel a distance even further
than the oceans and the cities between us
and I’ll lay claim to this space beyond you
Build a tower here just to watch it burn

(I tell you now as night falls, the dawn breaks last on you)

Some will pass through your life like ghosts
like restless passengers without a destination
Sitting on the lock, I’m sipping beer
while red paint sets on Camden Town

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