Eavesdropping on two voices debating the war on terror
by Garth Hill

Fire or electric shock
______is arguably just as important as speaking.

To reduce the risk of fire
______the need for good listening is obvious.

______A survey identified listening
is not covered by your warranty.

If any liquid or solid object falls into the TV
______some of this poor listening is inevitable.

______Some theorists have argued that effective listening
may require authorization from the broadcaster.

______The link between listening and success revealed
one blade of the power plug is wider than the other.

If not installed in accordance with the instructions
______we engage in a battle of interruptions.

______Committed relationships
shall be connected to the grounding system.

This symbol is intended to alert the user:
______We misunderstand others and are misunderstood in return.

This reminder is provided
______while our minds wander.

____We become bored.

Unplug it.
Unplug it.
Unplug it.

____After all, it’s impossible for communication to occur.

"eavesdropping" is a found poem culled from my television operating manual and a community college communications textbook.

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