The Drums Beat
by Barbara Ann Smith

America, America, ominous clouds loom,
over our seashores and lands,
like billows of smoke from an atomic explosion.
Broadcasts of adversity,
resonant throughout the world,
North, South, East and West, end to end,
signaling warnings of nascent nations
desiring to rule and to control the world.
America, America, the drums beat.

Our warships suffer attacks in foreign lands,
acts of violence strike our Allies and Embassies,
evildoers commit atrocities in our country,
wars and rebellions threaten innocent lives,
scarcity of fuel pressures our economy.
Our servicemen fight in far-off lands,
lose their lives in support of our country.
Hurricanes hammer our shores,
snuff out souls; destroy everything in their paths.

America, America, the drums beat,
messages of trepidation exists throughout the land,
threatening the foundation upon which we were built.
We'll join hands, remain calm and powerful,
as we hold onto our countries declaration,
protect our people, our groundwork, our nation,
keeping it well built, rock-solid and secure.
We'll rise above these adversities,
stand tough in times of perils and catastrophes,
show aggressors we're a nation -- one for all,
willing to die to protect our country and its people.

America, America, the drums beat.

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