The Longstanding Taboo
by Scott Wiggerman

That dream? It's never enough.
Some scientists say the whole dang thing
will go down in history as an enormous burden.

The unwashed tide crawls past strip malls
at a relentless pace, extreme obesity
and plenty of crap--leather chairs,
baby-blue polo shirts, lotions and ointments,
ice clinking, a sexy Southwest glamour.
No twisting of arms, a life they enjoy.

An umbrella group, operating at the same level,
zones for business anything greener
than anything else.

"It would be folly, once and for all, over!"
caution widely regarded blue-ribbon panels.
Environmentally sensitive people without
fantastic jobs throw up their hands.
Reporters break the story with new findings:
"In the future, a lack of goods and services
will be a major concern."
Scientists ask, "Wouldn't competing institutions
be created by the departure?"

Disinclined to believe, fat people with
existing conditions and new eating habits
shrug with a final satisfied slurp.

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