America was founded on mobility
by Thomas Murphy

America was founded on mobility,
Deer tracks, portages and the great trails west.

Footpaths to waterways,
Horse and carriage, buggies.

Hay rides. Takin’ the wagon
To market. The gallop, trot,

Stroll and meander, wind blown hair.
The Bering Straight trek

A single engine flier, Model T pops
A familiar sound, rounding the corner. Street-

Cars flowing down Broadway, First and Main.
Metro lines, subways, BART, the El and the T.

Neal Cassidy spinning the wheel & a story
Myself, cruise control @ 90 + heading for

The open range of azure welkin speckled by
Cumulus and drifting smiles of one arm Powell,

Canoeing the Green River to the Colorado
Down through stark limestone cañyon so grand.

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