by Gordon Purkis

    At this distance the crows
    That are about to fly by the window
    Are the same size as the A-10 that
    Was just overhead a moment ago but
    Now far gone.

    And "the sound of the men working
    On the chain gang" clues me back in
    To where I am, this perspective
    Amongst the suits, sitting eating
    Their 6" subs definitely with their
    Own chains (We dress up rarely
    'Cause "we're in business to make
    Money, not win a fashion show").

    So, it's all really how you look at things;
    There are those that are far off that are
    Just as near, and those that are near
    That are truly far off; birds and planes,
    Chains & gangs, subs and suits.

    And if they make a sound they go "Ooh-aah".

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