The News
by Ian C Smith

Photographs of shimmering floods
as a row simmers over swim stars fast suits.
Water, water everywhere, wrote a poet.
A young football champ arraigned in court
will need to work on defence.
Police probe threats to kill a businessman.
Teachers, fed up with pay and conditions,
threaten classroom disruption.
A cartoonist links them with angry nurses,
their patients praying for no strike action,
with the school kids chanting, go for it.
Is there a threat seriousness scale?
A plump cooking show guru is pilloried
for hypocrisy in the healthy food debate.
Sub-editors exercise bored wit,
pun, innuendo, movie titles entwined.
A billionaire family feuds over guess what?
Pain persists: breast implants go wrong,
black children still have no voice,
domestic violence, gambling, increasing,
child porn users lurk in these pages.
I like the story about the woman boxer
who says waxing and plucking hurts more.
I have ignored a pain for too long.
I know, I am a stubborn coward,
but some news is better left undelivered.


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