by Ricky Garni

I have a copy of BOOM in my bag pack.
It’s all about the ‘60s and the Weather Underground
and Stokely Carmichael and the Black Panthers and
Martin Luther King and the SDS and stuff and about
LBJ and Sirhan Sirhan too. On page 142 of BOOM there
is a mention of Malcolm X and that’s where I keep my
car registration. It’s a 1992 Honda Accord and it’s kind of
grey colored. I use it to show to the dealership because
I lost my key and Charlie who works there said they would
replace it in five minutes but it took like fifteen. When
Charlie asked for it I took it out and said “BOOM!” and
dreamed I drove away in my Accord like a molotov cocktail
doing little ballet twisty movements in a burning building
with BOOM under my arm for what seemed like eternity
and then I woke up and Charlie waved BYE and said SEE
YOU LATER and my car went VROOM and he laughed
and laughed and his belly was like jelly.

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