Suicide Watch
by Deborah Dana

"Constant Visual Observation"
The euphemism used to describe
Your suicide watch.
Cot in the hallway.
Bathroom door open.
Shower curtain pulled aside.
Not one shard of privacy
On suicide watch.
For now you are safe:
Hospital arms enfold you.
At our house:
Blood seeps under the cracks
Of all the doors.
At our house:
Poison floods rooms
At our house:
There will be no staff members
At our house:
A single heart beat explodes
into the night.
At our house:
Shift never ends
We never sleep.
At our house:
A revolver caresses
The backs of our necks.
At our house:
Love and hate unite
Explode and fill the galaxies.
At our house:
Quitting time never comes
Worry never ceases.
At our house
At our house.

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