The Difficulty of Writing Down Certain Stories
by Jessy Randall

Some stories are
so familiar
so barnacled
to your past

to write them down
would be impossible,
like writing the story
of your own birth,

or describing
your husband?s face,
centimeter by centimeter

there?s the story of Dan and the squirrel
which is a story of a too-often-told story,
the point of the story being that Dan
talked about that squirrel a hundred times

or the story of Kara Lee Valone
and the lunchbox, the lunchbox used
to scare her so she wouldn?t start a fight
at the elementary school bus stop

stories I?ve repeated
to every friend, told
at parties, stories I
carry around so they
grow light as eyeglasses

stories I don?t want to write down,
can?t write down

stories you?ll still find
under the new ones
and on top of the better ones,
yelling themselves out

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