But we had broken up by then!
by Jack Ritter

A woman can remain monogamous
through innovative bookkeeping.
It goes like this:

I met Jerry at 8:30 AM.
We really clicked,
so we started "dating" at 9:15.
But I could see he wasn't "growing"
like I was. So we "broke up" at 11:35.

At 2:12 PM I ran into my friend Bill.
Since we weren't "seeing" anybody,
we started "seeing" each other.
But we had different goals,
So we agreed to "see" other people.

Dennis (4:29) was clean cut
and against whaling.
So we started "going out."

We were building a life together,
until 6:11, when I found out he
had slept with another woman earlier.
So I ended our "relationship."

I had given them all
the best minutes of my life.

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