Dinner Out at the Buffalo Head with Mom and Dad
by Alan Berecka

Look at him; he’s pissed, like he’s the only one
who can have a drink, have a good time.
Let me tell you Bill, any time a man feeds
a woman liquor, he just saying that he wants
her to spread her legs, but sometimes a woman
just needs a drink; I know you understand
well the drinking, not the legs.
______________________For Christ
sakes she off her nut again. What kind of idiot
has a conversation with a stuffed buffalo head.
Jesus, look at her son; she’s can’t hold her liquor.
She’s your mother, kid, go get her.
dad sent me. The whole restaurant, it’s staring.
Sorry, it does matter some. Mom the buffalo
is just a dead head; it’s not really talking;
come on mom, he’s paid the bill, it’s time to go.
No mom, I didn’t know your new friend’s name
was Bill too. Yeah, cool. Let’s go, mom. Please.

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