The Reata Villanelle
by Scott Wiggerman

The thought of Mexican cuisine! My stomach aches
for poblanos stuffed with onions, corn, and cheese:
skipping the chile relleños would be a mistake.

With fine white linens at the table, I partake
of Alpine’s finest dining. Heady aromas tease
my thoughts of Mexican cuisine and my stomach aches

from hunger. My taste buds are fully awake.
The waitress warns me the dish is rich, but—please—
skipping the chile relleños would be a mistake!

I clean my plate and she does a double-take,
then asks—no, dares—if I might be able to squeeze
in a thought of Mexican dessert. My stomach aches

from so much food, but . . . dessert, for heaven’s sake!
At four in the morning I awake in my BVDs
to chile relleños skipping around like a bad mistake,

to cream cheese and spice that will not take a break.
I lean over the toilet, quaking with foul D.T.s
and the thought of Mexican food. Such a stomachache!
I wish I’d skipped the chile relleños—what a mistake!

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