The Road of Tonight
by Frank Shimerdla

    The night watchman walks the cobbled
    path by Angela's Rush--an old sewage line
    of locust and fireflies. In shadows

    a whisper lingers
    long after lovers kiss. Somewhere a boy
    pulls the blankets to cover the fear

    in his eyes as goblins drink Jack
    and shoot craps beneath
    the bed. Rats skitter on old

    newspapers in the back alley outside
    his window. Around the corner
    a neon bottle hangs over

    a woman blowing a smoke circle into
    the face of a stranger. The neighborhood
    tavern slurs with drunks. Later,

    one of them looks to a star-filled
    sky. Clouds hover. Dogs bark. Straight
    from basketball practice a child

    runs into that eternally burning glare
    of pork chops and television.

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