Nunca Más
by Lorraine Caputo

    A village deserted for so long
    ________after such a horror:
    ________________Battalion Atlacatl, armed & trained in
    ________________torture & so-called low-intensity warfare
    ________by the US of A, killed 1000 people here &
    ________in neighboring villages in Operación

    One December night in '81, the soldiers arrived and stayed.
    The people of the village were forbidden to leave their

    The next morning, the soldiers gathered the people:
    ________the men in one place...
    ________the women in another...
    ________the children in the convent.
    First they interrogated/tortured/shot the men...
    ________then they shot the women...
    ________then the children...
    The soldiers left their boasts on the walls of the now-empty
    ________& laid torch to it all.

    The campesinos & guerrilleros near saw the columns of smoke
    Some had heard the shots & shouts, the screams.
    When they arrived all that was left was the bodies of 1000
    ________being eaten by buzzards & dogs.

    And now the air is disturbed
    ________only by a slight breeze through the long-needled pines.
    A silhouette sculpture of a family
    ________________man/woman/children holding hands
    ________stands in the center of the village.
    Roofless buildings--some with bullet & shell holes,
    ________all with charred beams.

    And from these ashes, from the debris of fallen roof tiles
    ________you, the few survivors of that massacre
    _______________________[only six, with your new families]
    ________________arise like a Phoenix
    ________________________to rebuild your homes & your community
    ________________still called El Mozote.

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