Venez Donc
by Neal Ostman

Box office-
before your unblinking eye pass
the beautiful boys, teenybopper girls,
fawning couples, stodgy old bones
and flaccid faces.
All come and consume
your lamp lit celluloid strips.

Inside- hang'n or hiding
happy to absorb teasing trailers
finally the feature-
leakage of a Hollywood
pandemic and panoramic.

Box office-
gateway to dreams,
table spreads of multi-screens
of surround-a-sounds,
punctuated with screams, jeers;
vignettes of the feel good,
drama and tears.

Playing repetitive scenes and sequels
the stereotypic evil mendacity,
and bewildered innocence.
Daily witnessed as factual
across all spectra of our corporate
and hubris lives.

Box office-
behind your gaping eye
parades a nation's
troubled wants,
requests to be amused,
seeking of the wildly new.
And you welcome us.

Quiet voyeurs-
engaged in a ritual
absolution-- worshiping
before speeding frames
leaving released, forgiven
our daily conceits,
or silent acquiescence.

Box office- circus maximus
…come along… citizens.

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