Tree and the Building
by Deepak Chaswal

Whenever I open the window of my
Bedroom I see a tree and a building
The tree is just behind the building
The building is just in front of the tree
Both stay silent looking at each other
Communicating something
Which I cannot comprehend

The tree sometimes moves its branches
To embrace the building
But the building remains unmoved
The embrace remains incomplete
The tree grumbles in pain
In the company of wind
But the building still remains dumb
The tree like a lover sends
Messages of love to the building
Through parrots, sparrows, and swarming bees
But the building never responds

A few days ago the construction workers
Demolished the old building
The tree just behind the building
Is still there
But now it stares at me
Whenever I open my window
As if trying to explain
Its pain to me ------
Which I can comprehend.

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