by Daniel G. Reinhold

A man lived inside a woman who lived inside a shoe. The shoe lived in side a piñata. The piñata lived inside a brownstone on New York’s Upper West Side. The brownstone was once owned by Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby has nothing to do with this poem other than that he lived in the brownstone where the piñata now lives. The piñata only goes out at night and steers clear of Mexican neighborhoods. The shoe inside the piñata is a Nike. The shoe was once worn by Alberto Salazar who was at one time the record holder for the New York and Boston marathons. The woman who lived inside the shoe was not the one in the fairy tale. Nor was she old. Her name was Blanche and she was a transvestite who once did Patty Labelle’s hair. The man who lived inside Blanche was so small he was almost invisible. But he did love shoes. Tiny, tiny shoes.

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