by Michael Pacholski

_______We walk north and a baby in a blue stroller
goes south
further along we have moved west
and grown beards
and a blue-suited young boy
moves east
gleaming with promotion
we move northeast to climb mountains
__and a young girl
climbs into a van headed southwest
where there are deserts and tract homes
with perfect refrigerators for young girls
with all the dreams in their camera-eyes
___We move due east
a grey wind in our faces
and a black car passes us,
with a black-hatted man
headed east as well
and we are relieved it was not for us this time
that we could even still so late
walk and write and say hello
(playful, multilingual.
Joie de vivre, gozo del viver, farah farha bajah, hara,)
and have so much yet to see
and right after our sigh
_________________is when it reverses itself
and stops

to ask directions
and laugh at our bright clothes

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