Slipping Away
by mary clare leonard

I slipped on a polished floor
too quick to grab a dresser drawer

Fell flat on my face
No slapstick no metaphor

Broke my nose
no pain but I saw red

The ER doc squished his face
"Were you running for home base?"

"A few stitches a tetanus shot
home in an hour if no blood clot"

I ask lots of questions when scared to death
Jeff S Yale grad Columbia Med

I tell my husband, "this guy's
got a good CV and a kid that's 3"

Jeff S water boards me with icy stuff
to clean my nose get me to shut up

Calls for a CAT scan no bleeding
in my brain I will not die when sleeping

He stitches up my cut sneaks out
I keep on blabbing no one interrupts

Do you drive a Lamborghini?
Do you eat Fettuccini?
Did anyone ever die in this bed?

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