by Jonathan Tilley

All the things I put on my feet to get me there:
stretched out socks with thinning soles,
boots clomping to the studio,
Capezio jazz sneakers since my first job;
______black, worn-in, and mine.
Left shoelace broken twice,
Small hole on the outside of the right one-
______coincidental ventilation from daily wear and tear.
The front soles have turned, jumped and slid on many floors,
______shaving its shape down on marley, wood, gravel, even concrete.
Chunky and stable heel digs in when I'm going too fast.
Or all the shoes I've performed in:
Sandals, wingtips, taps,
platforms, clogs, hiking boots,
thin leather slippers, $300 Prada lace-ups,
______or just my bare feet.
They take me to that place.
The place where I have all the answers
and everyone's questions never come quick enough.
That place where, when people watch
their chatter lulls
____________their bodies tense
______and their perspective,

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