by Daniel Rasmus

we imagine
all possibilities
the dark wet sky
reemphasizes the
dispersal of atoms
just step off the curb
not where it is supposed to be
circle the hotel a dozen times
blame everything on magnolias heavy with rain
blow cold breath into heaven
hear the
concentration of curse and prayer
blame everything
without target
no venom misdirected
no invective
continuity —

if I had only known
you were effectively
removed from the equation
your body rebelling against itself
quiet and small
tasting morphine to abate the
between healing and pain
taken out of the world
to channel Frida Kahlo
understand in some small way
her obsession with obsession
to have known this
not only the maddening silence
of missed appointments
more poignantly
for all the expectations
pushed into the so few hours
the attentive courses
retrained by adaptive algorithms
organic and bloody
rushed into the rain
to bathe in the big black sky
leave things behind
let lack of light inform the evening

forgive my fantasies
churned in channels too long filled with noise
but you understand this poetic shorthand:

_______maybe because we must
_______stay in love
_______want no
_______imprecision in our worlds
_______to hold your hand
_______along damp San Francisco streets
_______to test relearned passions
to a conversation
about how the possibilities
_______end up
_____________ together
how the dark skies
feel more like velvet
the bass tuned more eternal
focused on
_______resonating with bone

screams now
______________nothing completely

to just lie between arm
_______and chest
into a disbursal pattern
_______that seems to work for

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