A Poem Written After an Evening of Reading Darwin And the Scriptures, In That Order
by Richard Jordan

    The master magician waved his wand,
    And I tumbled from a long, black sleeve,
    An ornery five-legged dragon, coughing
    Up flames and charred feathers. With a sneeze,
    He turned me into a rabid rodent,
    Sending his accomplice into a panic,
    As she lifted her skirt, and danced a jig
    Across the stage. Next, he snapped
    his fingers, transforming me into a troll,
    Complete with oily facial blemishes
    And patches of dark fur in mysterious,
    Yet sensible places. And this is how
    I shall remain, having sawed my creator
    In two, after poking him with a blunt,
    Shiny sword, whilst devouring his
    bony, but delicious assistant.
    But there's no reason for alarm.
    They didn't feel a thing,
    And the only blood spilled
    Was my own.

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