Wally Steals Oscar
by Al Ortolani

Wally Steals Oscar

the lab skeleton
and pranks him, legs crossed,
smoking a Camel Light
in the front row
of Western Civilization.
He throws a white scarf around
Oscar’s cervical vertebrae, drapes
one end down the ribcage, the other
over the clavicle, pilot like.
A note taped to the sternum
reads, I am the 100%.
Wally makes a statement
about the economy;
he’s always been broke. He
is a believer in sharing,
ashes to ashes, dust to dust
and all that. Turmoil
runs like rain, curb to
curb down Cleveland Street.
Campus Security gathers
outside of Comparative
Anatomy: red lights for
the theft of bones, broken glass.
Wally opens his umbrella
and holds it high
for anyone who wishes.

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