50's Chicks and Their Mission
by James Spurr

They could be mean.
Like only disappointed
people can be.
But they were team players.
Welded like ice cubes
in a worn down refrigerator.
Relaxing at parade rest
as taught to them
by their WW 11 USMC fathers.
Trained to always keep an edge
as they roamed the highways
in their Rocket Oldsmobiles.
They were women hungry and alert.
On constant lookout for young males
innocent in their small Ford coupes.
Women who were overt smokers of long,
dangerous looking cigarettes
intended to intimidate anyone in view.
They were known to chat of terrors
yet to be dreamed
as they stalked the carefree young male.
He, alone and doomed. Hunted.
Separated from his pack.
Aware of a sense of danger
but unprepared
in all ways to defend himself.
His would be a life that would never again
include a lovely
and shiny little Ford coupe.

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