Review Of The Ordinary
by Joy Gaines-Friedler

A breakfast of Swiss cheese and toast Sunday morning

God and politics on television.

AIDS and Domestic Violence are not just part of my vocabulary
______________they are the next door neighbor who broke in
______________through the basement window -

he didn't take what he knew was already broken.

After my friends died
Memory Lane got cut off for construction.

I once left a bag of weed on the kitchen counter
next to the toaster - my father-in-law came in
while we were out walking - we knew, because he
left two honeydew melons from the market right next to it.

Twenty years after our divorce I realize, I've given up what I need
as many times as I've needed what I don't have.

Here is the body - remember it.
Here is the dent in the fender from the drunk night.

Here is the door - a bit of WD-40 could fix that.

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