look how far we've come
by Marit Rogne


remember learning about the water
cycle? my class toured a sewage
treatment plant with huge vats
of dirty water. this boy, who already
snapped bra straps (which hurt) pointed
out a floating condom. someday,
we will drink this water.


there were pictures in textbooks
of mountains with white marshmallow
clouds on top, here, water
accumulates, as vapor, did you know
water can be gas? it can be everything:
liquid, solid, gas.


clouds hung thick and heavy
for days. I could feel the weather
in that bum joint of mine. I couldn't
wait to get it over with.

when it finally

it was long. through the day
and night and the next day,
it was wet, my car lost
traction on the street. can rain
be furious? victorious? because
it felt like this water had waited,
suffered, changed - can
water do this?


water flows
around me,
inside of me.

I am made
of water. perhaps
this is why
I weep.

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