post-first-date-jitters diary october 2006
by Deidre Elizabeth

Because the Tooth Fairy has runs in her tights
ever since the spiders went on strike
for reproductive rights and a longer life

When they discovered insomniac turtles snorting mud
just before hibernation in hopes of inhaling
carbon-dioxide hidden beneath pond beds

Before the revelation that bunnies are monogamous
It's just that they all look the same
even to each other and

After the harpists stop playing
'here comes the bride' with Chinese subtitled
closed captioning

he realized the strange coincidence between
the woman his mother met at an ex-gay rally
and the pattern of you favorite dress

when you discussed your amateur clothing
designing fetish and your use of liquid nails
to ensure you always have a pair of matching shoes

are all reasons
he hasn't
when he will
and why
it won't be you
he calls.

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