Original clichés
by rob walker

i. An accident waiting to happen

purposeless and alienated, a coexisting anomie and ennui
a concatenation of the unrelated i lurk on street corners
planning the intersection of vehicles.

delayed by traffic light whim or
leaving home moments earlier you leave yourself
vulnerable to my coordinate points.

I am the haybale awaiting synchronicity
of temperature______and humidity
to interrupt ______a firefighter’s dinner.

I am the thrown match which may peter out
or destroy the entire national park,
the oily rag in the shed.

I am the outdated nuclear reactor
behind the low seawall
waiting for the plates to move.

I am the occasional freight train,
the unsignalled crossing,
the sleepy motorist.

I am the barely submerged snag in the murky river,
____________ the sharemarket software trigger
programmed to sell sell sell.

I am the one flake of snow
that begins the avalanche.

I am unstring theory.

I am tired of waiting.

so tired…

ii. cliché anti-verse

in the cliché anti-universe

police are not baffled by the criminal
who had an unlucky escape

the opposition leader’s raft of measures
sinks as all options fall off the table

the PM hits the ground walking
facing a downhill battle

vegans flesh out proposals.
meat is doing it tough.

in the third kitchen drawer down
a fork is balanced on a knife edge,

an accident not waiting to happen.

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