Mystical Pumpkins
by Richard Peake

like the ripened bellies
______of expectant mothers
pumpkins ready in the fields
______or at roadside stands
round and ripe, pale or deep orange
______attract benign eyes
innocent of leering faces
______so many will become
as imaginations’ fantasies
______cut into art’s flesh
creating a harvest birth
______miming nature’s fertility
in efforts to shape images
for witchery and spells
making unreal things real,
______things Plato would decry,
flesh obscuring an ideal form ineffable—
yet pigs eat jack-o-lanterns so eagerly
we must think them real
and sculptors draw ideas from life
______so must defy philosophers
who demand artists hew out arid
______ideas of reality
denying the fertility of minds
______pregnant with sensuous words
for magical pumpkin use
______that maker’s mind demands
to celebrate life’s rebirth.

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