Equal Reaction
by Richard Dinges, Jr.

    My son builds rockets
    of plastic bottles, water,
    and air. They climb
    on physics, action followed
    by equal reaction, within
    the wish that at the apex
    they deploy a parachute
    to float into distances,
    the achievement in how long
    they live on the breeze.
    Many fail and fall as quickly
    as they climbed, to stop
    suddenly at his feet
    where he picks them up
    to try again. So much time
    for failure, he proceeds
    undaunted to the next
    attempt. I wonder where
    he stores disappointment.
    When I would long before
    move on to something new
    to seek success, he goes on
    to another try. I pass
    my time on to him,
    while the gentle wind
    plays idly in his hair.

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