An Evening of Music
by Jean A. Kiser

    My husband is at a meeting
    Where only men are allowed
    To gather, each wearing
    Their Penguin Suit.
    I turn on the stereo
    And music saturates
    The rooms of my house.
    Suddenly I am thin and sleek...
    As agile as when I was twenty,
    Thirty-five; my body medicine free.

    I dim the lights and the candle's glow
    Fills the living room. I embrace a bed
    Pillow, the pillow long and soft and
    Perfumed of line-dried freshness.
    We dance to the old songs,which evokes
    Memories that I've saved for nights
    Like this. But my energy lasts only
    A short time. I place my partner in bed,
    Exhausted. Then I'm back on the couch
    Tapping my fingers to the rhythm
    Of the last song.

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