Shallow The Water
by Michael Guinn

    ________Standing in pools of years
    _______I question my feeble existence.
    _____Often it is this weakness
    ___That denies me life,
    In limbo my soul remains.

    Stillness cries out in waves,
    _Tears compliment the mood,
    ___Water rises meter by moon,
    ____Essence becomes a prisoner of circles,
    _____Eyes become rivers run dry.

    _____Life is captured by time,
    ____Held hostage by night,
    ___Consumed by sound,
    __Just a moment that quickly fades away.

    _______Now my revolution, denied
    _________Evolution, declined
    ___________Reincarnation becomes my soul's resilence.
    _____________And shallow waters are shallow no more.

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