Red River Review August 2000

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1The Climbing Walls by Diana Anhalt
2METRO BUS #20 by Joe Aprile
3Betty by Joe Aprile
4Home by Laurie Barnaba
5Delay On Battery Street by Laird Barron
61979 by Ian Brook
7Meat by Graham Catt
8Shopping by Graham Catt
9Compact by CE Chaffin
10il y a longtemps by Corry Chapman
11Seeing Spring, Genuflecting by Deborah DeNicola
12The Secret Kiss by jim dolan
13Son Avenges Father's Murder to Cheers of Thousands (AP) by Robinson Dunham
14BUTTERFLIES by Richard Fein
15LOVE POEM by Richard Fein
16OVERVIEW by Richard Fein
17High Art by Stacy Fentress
18On a rainy day in the city: by E.V. Gentry
19CLOUDS, WINGS by Taylor Graham
20SERAPE by Taylor Graham
21To Bliss and its Disguises by Clayton Hansen
22Breaking the Clock by P.J. Holt
23Sapphire Toes by Sharon Hudson
24Train on Saint Louis Bay by Larry Johnson
25WOMAN, GOING by Larry Johnson
26The Zoloft Twins by Travis Jon Mader
27Her choice breaks down
to being a rose shadow... by Patrick Meighan
28Strike Fires by Patrick Meighan
29The Killer Whale Brings the Seal to Shore, Alive by Patrick Meighan
30Mercy Killing by Ravi Menon
31News Story by Steve Mueske
32On My Own by Steve Mueske
33Sleeping With Me by Bobby Offerdahl
34Acquired Immunity by Assiah Platt
35Linen Atrocity by Assiah Platt
36jazz is by Rex Pryor
37Vieques: Variations on a Theme by Martin A. Ramos
38Anxiety by Rahul Rao
39Mother by Stephanie Sellars
40The Can Tab Lounge by Lisa A. Smith
41My Roses Aren't Doing Well by David Sutton
42Stalker by David Sutton
43It began on a cocktail napkin by Nancy Ellis Taylor
44Meet the Dawn by James Wackett
45The Dog Catcher's Funeral by James Wackett
46The Ways of a People by James Wackett
47Rain at Four A.M. by T. Wooten

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