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1Concentration by Gilbert Allen
2Requiem for a Flying Elvis by Gilbert Allen
3Montgó by Daniel Ausema
4The Land of Your Country by Naomi Ayala
5When You Left by Naomi Ayala
6Dreaming of Barcelona at Seventeen by Brandy Bauer
7The Maturing of Becker by Penny Bayless
8Prague is No Escape by Robert Bohm
9His Mother Married a Latch-Key by Maria Elena Caballero-Robb
10Jaws of Life by Maria Elena Caballero-Robb
11Potlatch by Maria Elena Caballero-Robb
12Nunca Más by Lorraine Caputo
13Perhaps...If We Listen by Lorraine Caputo
13Across by Michael Catherwood
14Back in the World by Ryan G. Van Cleave
15Melancholy in E Minor: After Dail's The Spectral Cow by Ryan G. Van Cleave
16Fish Eyes by Holly Day
17Nine short poems describing my work as an author of short stories by David Ebenbach
18One of Those Days by Anne Carroll Fowler
19Aberdeen, Washington by Sam Friedman
20Flagstaff Communion by Sam Friedman
21Fish Eye by Michael Gates
22Ritalin by Michael Gates
23Building Barbed Wire by Kenneth Hada
24Among Friends by Angela Hamon
25In Another Meantime (1995) by Ron Hayes
26Bird Paranoia by John Hildebidle
27Creation Story (from Sol Lewitt, "Seven Pointed Star", 1996) by Gordon Hilgers
28Blood Ties by Mary Hotlen
29Manicured Lawns by Clara Hsu
30Mrs. Morris by Clara Hsu
31The Doll is not Waiting by Clara Hsu
32Bleeding in a Strip Club Booth by James Iredell
33Los Trabajadores Cantan by James Iredell
34Visiting my father by Elizabeth Irving-Waddleton
35Acceptance Speech by D.G. Johnson
36The Memory Business by Larry Johnson
37The Game In Autumn by Joan Payne Kincaid
38Dominick by Jean A. Kiser
39Leaves by Alisa Malinovich
40Walking Through Fallen Berries by Tara L. Masih
41Write I Like It On The Windshield I Fly Through by Hannah K. Messler
42Entering History: A Manifesto by Robert Miltner
43Baby Falls From The Crib by Karen S. Mittelman
44Leaving: the mother's poem by Karen S. Mittelman
45Soap by Mimi Moriarty
46The Ride by John B. Mulligan
47The Trial by John B. Mulligan
48Burren by Brendan O'Neill
49Crayfish by Brendan O'Neill
50Image Poem #27 by Norman J. Olson
51Untitled by Marisela Treviño Orta
52Frog Sex by Kimberly Townsend Palmer
53Astronomy 101 by LeeAnn Pickrell
54Srebrenica by Jane Piirto
55Eduardo Rodriguez, Presente by Jan Pilarski
56On Labor History And The Immortal Ego by John Repp
57Eastern Pennsylvania by Eric Reymond
58The Road of Tonight by Frank Shimerdla
59His Rig by Sheryl Slocum
60Ambrosia by Magi Stone
61The Ghost of Madame Cézanne by Doug Tanoury
62Normandy (June 6, 1944/1994) by A.P. Taylor
63Customs by Nancy D. Tolson
64Disturbing Dreams and Their Cure by Pamela Uschuk
65Slave quarters by Patricia E. Vineski
66Coming Out by Kenneth Wanamaker
67On Reading Galway Kinnell's The Bear by Kenneth Wanamaker
68Poems Should Not Be by David Wright

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