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1Art of Innocence by Nishant Bagadia
2God by Nishant Bagadia
3Plums in August by Susan Bailey
4Home Life by Shane Bartlett
5Winter: A Cabin-Fever Apology by Shane Bartlett
6Blue Collar Poetics by Alan Berecka
7Eden Revisited by Alan Berecka
8Fields by Matthew Betts
9Dugout by John I. Blair
10On The Way To School by Nettie Bozanich
11Dementia by Patricia Brodie
12Shawtuc Hill by Patricia Brodie
13Evening Window II by Vincent Canizaro Jr.
14On The Ground by Lawrence Carradini
15A Fearful Chasm by Jocelyn Fuller Chrisley
16Scenes from the Sanctuary at San Remo by Rosemarie Crisafi
17Flat, Tall Land by Janet Lynn Davis
18First, Cousins by Liz Dolan
19Missteps by Liz Dolan
20Picking Up Steam by Liz Dolan
21Fighter Bomber Jacket by Jamie Etheridge
22In Death's Face by Megaera Vittum Fitch
23Emergency Room, Almost Thirty Seven by Rich Furman
24Shock and awe by Rich Furman
25Lutheran Priest in the Field by Alex Goukassian
26Flute Player (After Anita Endrezze) by Jim Gramann
27July 4th by Larry Greenbaum
28Bear Dreams by Kenneth Hada
29Expectations by Kenneth Hada
30The Next Poem by Josh Hanson
31Las canchas de tenis by George Henson
32La Resistancia by Ann Howells
33Fatherhood by Peter Klein
34Sleep Comes by Steve Klepetar
35The Devil Did Not Come by Steve Klepetar
36Discovered by Paula LaCour
37Tomato Trilogy by Laura Petersen
38The Kid with the Butterfly Net by G.L. Pettigrew
39Paleoanthropology by G.L. Pettigrew
40The Mirror by LeeAnn Pickrell
41The Pamphlet by LeeAnn Pickrell
42Twenty Weeks by LeeAnn Pickrell
43Our Vacant House by Barbara Ann Smith
44The Show Starts In Five by Barbara Ann Smith
45self-portrait in a glass by Darius Antwan Stewart
46Swimming Away by Cheryl Stiles
47A Lesser Man by Herschell Stunkard
48Sky Fall on Family by Michael L. Trent
49First Bible by Kenneth Wanamaker
50Deathwatch by Nazarena Washburn

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