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Nynke Passi[

Nynke Passi’s work has been published in The Gulf Coast Review, Red River Review, Anthology of New England Writers, and River of Earth and Sky. She is co-editor of Leaves by Night, Flowers by Day. She received a Pushcart nomination and was a finalist in the 2014 Jeffrey E. Smith Editor’s Prize of The Missouri Review. She teaches creative writing in the Midwest and is director of The Luminous Writer Literary Center.

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-- All works by Nynke Passi published in Red River Review --
Oma's Face 61. NOVEMBER 16
Housekeeping 62. FEBRUARY 17
Magic Hat 64. AUGUST 17
The Rose 64. AUGUST 17
The Morphology of Compassion and Indifference 69. NOVEMBER 18
there is absolution 69. NOVEMBER 18