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1After the War by John Amen
2Too Much to Swallow, This by John Amen
3My Tel Aviv by Jonathan Joseph Barker
4A Glass by Kathryn T.S. Bass
5Ashes & Dementia by Janet Buck
6These Songs by Cherie Bullock
7Martial Arts by Mary Lou Buschi
8Demolition Job by Beth Spencer Cummings
9The High Yellow Room by Beth Spencer Cummings
10Fireflies in March by Chip Dameron
11Grackles in Molt by Chip Dameron
12Auction by Richard Dinges, Jr.
13Equal Reaction by Richard Dinges, Jr.
14In Santiago de Compostela for a Conference on Drug Users and AIDS by Sam Friedman
15Corporeality by C.R. Garza
16Where the Bones Lie by Larry D. Griffin
17Shallow The Water by Michael Guinn
18Algonquin Park by Kenneth Hada
19Paramour From Chanticleer by Angela Hamon
20Close Quarters by David Harbilas
21Middle Ages by Judith Harway
22Knowing Vincent by Dale Jordan Heath
23Ode to a Dumpster-Diver by George Henson
24Why He Won't Eat the Hot Meal So Charitably Provided by Janis Butler Holm
25Bra Shopping by Clara Hsu
26Rag Doll on Sidewalk by Clara Hsu
27Before by Risa Kaparo
28Fall by Mark Kenny
29Rodent Circus by S.Eric Ketzer
30An Evening of Music by Jean A. Kiser
31Invitation by Jean A. Kiser
32New by Rauan Klassnik
33Dali's Clocks by Joy Hewitt Mann
34The Whispers of Fallen Trees by Joy Hewitt Mann
35Throwing Flowers by Joy Hewitt Mann
36Wishing for Friends from Childhood by Walt McDonald
37Concerning the World by James Owens
38Morning Song by Assiah Platt
39Bedroom Jokes by Jessy Randall
40What the Boys Did by Jessy Randall
41As We Crested the Hill by John Repp
42Blind Date by Ben Schachter
43Departure by Tom Sheehan
44Erasing The Seasons by Enzo S. Surin
45Choking on air by john sweet
46fighting the war of one by john sweet
47monday morning and the sky by john sweet
48#65 by Greg Thompson
49Epiphany: Prospect Park, 8:00 A.M. by Elizabeth S. Volpe
50Geography Lesson by Elizabeth S. Volpe
51Whispers From The Hall by Kenneth Wanamaker
52Regret by Kelley Jean White MD
53Mid Life by Michael Zack
54The Patient With Knee Pain by Michael Zack
55India For Indians by Arlene Zide

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