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1A Pantoum for Michael by Shane Allison
2road of open hands by barry ballard
3truth by barry ballard
4Moved by claire bradley
5Stone Home by claire bradley
6dangerous by Greg Braquet
7Those Strangers Next to You by Michael Catherwood
8My Father Is A Bricklayer by Roberto Christiano
9Eulogy for Brutus by Ross Clark
10She's been with him again by Ross Clark
11The Angel of Rehab by Anne Agnes Colwell
12I Learned to Juggle While My Grandmother Died by Katy E. Ellis, Jr.
13Poem for My Father by Katy E. Ellis, Jr.
14Bird from My Window by Carol Frome
15Newspaper headline reads: Sacrificial sheep shoves man to his death by Debra Gingerich
16The New Media by Larry Greenbaum
17Whidbey Island by Gina Grega
18Little Boy Shucking Corn by Kenneth Hada
19the temporary typist by Christine Hamm
20And Yet It Moves by Dale Jordan Heath
21Mixed Messages by Christy L. Hopper
22Afternoon Barbecue by Michael Keshigian
233:43 AM by Christopher King
24They Saved Me by Suresh Kodoor
25Small Sister's Cancer by David Krump
26A Vietnam Protest by Mary Leonard
27Time the Archimage by Corey Mesler
28On arson and parachutes by Kei Miller
29This is an apology by Kei Miller
30Killing the Tree by Jennifer Ronald
31The Family After His Funeral, in a Restaurant by Jennifer Ronald
32Man Overboard by Kenneth Rosen
33Lindow Man (d. 100 AD) by William J. Scheick
34An Exordium Before Euphrates by Jason Silverstein
35Eye's Wide As An Owl's by Barbara Ann Smith
36The Bashful One by Barbara Ann Smith
37the politics of giving up by john sweet
38Fishbowl by Aden Thomas
39Sanctuary by Aden Thomas
40citrus by Katherine Vondy

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