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This issue guest edited by Christopher Soden, MFA

1Eight Years Old Remembered by Nathan A. Baker
2Halloween in December by Nathan A. Baker
3Iwo Jima by Bob Bradshaw
4Jim Morrison At Pere Laschaise by Bob Bradshaw
5Parole by Donna Mae Brown
6Gene Simmons' Tongue by Mary Lou Buschi
7A La Recherche by Nils Clausson
8Maps of Rio by M. Doretta Cornell
9Surprise Glacier by M. Doretta Cornell
10Elysium (To Mother) by Rosemarie Crisafi
11In the State Hospital (1976) by Rosemarie Crisafi
12Cage of Lies by Deborah Dana
13Questions by Deborah Dana
14On Wanting A Child by Adriana DiGennaro
15Shooting Creek by Cy Dillon
16Michael, Younger Brother, Surviving Son by Liz Dolan
17Risky Behavior by Liz Dolan
18Tonight I Let My Brother In by Liz Dolan
19When Angels Sing by J. V. Foerster
20Maybe True Happiness Is In a Good Water Softener by Nate Haldeman
21Baptism by Tom Harmon
22Redemption by Tom Harmon
23Urbanity Curve by Jnana Hodson
24Ghosts of Myself by Blake A. Hoena
25Morning's Song by Blake A. Hoena
26Good Luck by Christy L. Hopper
27The True Payoff by Bryon D. Howell
28Sense Ay' by Matthew Hudak
29Waltzing by Andrew Jones
30Roger Gene by Mary Leonard
31Night Sweats by Michael A. Maggiotto
32In a Small Arena by Tara L. Masih
33On His First Turning by Paul G. McCurdy
34Uncle Finis's Hunt by Brandon Oberg
35When I was ten we took her down by Brandon Oberg
36After the Workshop by Daniel Priest
37When You Are Away by Jenny Sadre-Orafai
38afloat in a dress too large by Cyril Wong
39Dear Poem by Cyril Wong
40Landing by Cyril Wong

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