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From the Editor:
Welcome to the first theme issue of Red River Review, The State of our Nation. I believe it's the responsibility of the poet to chronicle the time in which he or she lives, and how the events of those times affect the individual or the whole. The nation we live in, United States, has been through a hard six years. We are small specks on one page of a much larger atlas, but we have a right and a responsibility to share our perspectives. The poems contained in this issue were selected with this topic in mind. No political point of view was requested or rejected and the elements of poetics were kept in mind. I hope you enjoy the issue and I look forward to your comments.

I have also started asking for help. Kate Maurer, MFA, is a friend and trusted poet who came to my aid on this issue and has expressed interest in helping in the future. Also, Solana d’Lámant, MFA, has agreed to help on the May 2006 issue. It's difficult to manage growth and to recognize when help is needed and I'm very happy these two fine poets have agreed to take a role in the future of Red River Review.

-- Bob McCranie, MFA

This issue guest edited by Kate Maurer, MFA

1Departure by Tony Aiello
2Homo Furens by Tony Aiello
3Guilt in 2005 by Andrea L. Alterman
4My Peoples by Nathan A. Baker
5Shark's Fin Soup by Bob Bradshaw
6The Bat by Bob Bradshaw
7The Killing by Bob Bradshaw
8Datum by Sarah M. Brownsberger
9Concerto in Two Movements by Graham Burchell
10Strip by Graham Burchell
11America the Tarnished by Tobi Cogswell
12Sleeping in the Shelter by Tobi Cogswell
13For a Friend Who Died Young by Chris Cooke
14Community Gardens by Margarita Engle
15Why I don't write Nature Poetry by Claire Fanger
16The Ballad of Smirk and Snarl by Conrad Geller
17The Champion Loser by Larry Greenbaum
18Fever by Corey Habbas
19Modesty by Corey Habbas
20Iraq War, 2003- by Rachel Jennings
21In a Boat by Rauan (Ron) Klassnik
22Say A Prayer Before Complaining by Debra J. Harmes Kurth
23The Towers by Alvin Lau
24In a War by Viola Lee
25Washer Machine Gun by Anthony Liccione
26the many lives (and deaths) of the cigarette by Oke Mbachu
27The State of the Union by Nathan McClain
28A Day In The Life Of America by Damon McLaughlin
29Homecoming by Damon McLaughlin
30Winter Soldiers by Karen Bingham Pape
31Geology II by G. L. Pettigrew
32American Blood by Foster Piekarski
33Watergate: In Memoriam by Martin A. Ramos
34Good Almost Never Means Smart by Karisma Rodriguez
35Waiting Without A Number by Karisma Rodriguez
36A History Lesson by Helen Ruggieri
37Shoveling Snow by Ed Shannon
38Our children are not killers by Mary McLaughlin Slechta
39The Drums Beat by Barbara Ann Smith
40Degrees of Hunger by Laura L. Snyder
41Alaska by J.R. Solonche
42Reprecussions From 9/11 by Dorothy Stone
43xenoglossolalia by Megan A. Volpert
44With the Highest Blessing of the Land by Megan Webster
45A Vulture Rides his Shoulder by Patricia Wellingham-Jones
46Small Comfort by Scott Wiggerman
47The Longstanding Taboo by Scott Wiggerman
48"Recruiting Heroes" by Tony Zurlo

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