Red River Review

Our featured poet for February 2011 is Jerry Bradley...

1Belling the Vampire by Jerry Bradley
2Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah by Jerry Bradley
3Family Thrift by Jerry Bradley
4Hollywood Metonymic by Jerry Bradley
5Primer by Jerry Bradley

6Homeward from Austin by Jeffrey C Alfier
7The Spyglass Inn, Limerick, Ireland by Jeffrey C Alfier
8Perfection by Lathe Bawcum
9Fishing Boats and Basketball Hoops by Sander Blome
10Uptown by Jonathan Bolick
11Tu Fu on the Yangtze by Bob Bradshaw
12Seabeans by Vincent Canizaro
13Spring Bride by Vincent Canizaro
14Return to Sender by Antonia Clark
15Fifteen Minute Break by William Elliott
16Prometheus at Caucaucus by Bridget Gage-Dixon
17She Says by Bridget Gage-Dixon
18Starchild Flashlight Connexion by Alan Gann
19An Argument for Ocean Penny Postage by Taylor Graham
20Secret Poem by Carol Lynn Grellas
21My Other Car is a Tsunami by Michael Helsem
22the enigma of arrival by Michael Helsem
23God by Amanda Hempel
24The madwoman watches by Ann Howells
25Chalmette by Roger Jones
26After Reading James Tate in '98 ('cause poets spost to read) by Charles Kesler
27Embraces by Charles Kesler
28No Shoelaces Allowed by Paula LaCour
29Dripping by AJ Longabaugh
30Tendency by Bridget Lutherborrow
31Best friends by Glenn Lyvers
32The Squirrel by Jeffrey McDonald
33The way my friend whispered the word Aids by John McKernan
34Water & Heidegger by Carole Mora
35DISCONNECTED #20 by Gillian Prew
36Homage to Mr. Wizard by Ben Rasnic
37A Donut by Justin Michael Robinson
38Jazz in July by Ysabel de la Rosa
39Afghanistan by Matthew Peter Ross
40Ode to Bukowski by Robert James Russell
41Animal Facts by S.Robert Sacco
42Ex Dancer by Ian c Smith
43The wolfman questions his faith by Abigail F. Taylor
44npr autumn fundraiser by Ken Taylor
45In the Rush by Michelle Tooker
46Rio Dulce by Liz Tucker
47Lost And Rarely Found by Lara S. Williams
48Mice at Night by Ralph Tejeda Wilson
49Odysseus Orders Room Service by Robert Wynne

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