Red River Review

Our featured poet fo
r February is Loretta Diane Walker

1A Sudden Blaze by Loretta Diane Walker
2Beans And Birthrights by Loretta Diane Walker
3Halloween Costume by Loretta Diane Walker
4To The Strangers Anxiously Waiting For Me To Finish So They Can Fly Into Their Dreams by Loretta Diane Walker
5When Big Red Tastes Like The One You Can't Forget by Loretta Diane Walker
6A Brief Season by Andrea L. Alterman
7Use for a dead brother by Andrea L. Alterman
8Diamond by Mary-margaret Belota
9Invested by Alan Berecka
10Spurred on to Poetry by Alan Berecka
11Goldstar-Motherhood by Dennis J Bernstein
12Hide and Go Seek by Alan Gann
13When America was Great by Alan Gann
14On the Wings of an Ostrich by Linda Gantt
15Bitter Brew by Aaron Glover
16I Dream Of Viola Davis by Aaron Glover
17In the Glare by Ray Greenblatt
18Battered Wife's Song by Ann Howells
19Inspiration by Ann Howells
20Dreambook by Steve Klepetar
21November, 2016 by Steve Klepetar
22Hayes Shoes: closed these thirty years by John P. Kristofco
23Where The Good Things Come From by Shruti Kulkarni
24Insomnia at Ten Below Zero by James Mele
25Dig by Elaine Nadal
26Housekeeping by Nynke Passi
27Full of yourself by Timothy PIlgrim
28Summer hymn by Timothy Pilgrim
29Imagine a Pasture by Larry D. Thomas
30Bridge Abyss by Diane Webster
31Chupacabra Ponders Retirement by Clarence Wolfshohl
32What It Takes to Be Famous by Clarence Wolfshohl

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.