Red River Review

Our featured poet for February is Brady Peterson

1Crab Apple Pie by Brady Peterson
2More from the Owl by Brady Peterson
3Rattle by Brady Peterson
4Those Who Matter by Brady Peterson
5When Everything Was Right by Brady Peterson
6Obsessing by Andrea L. Alterman
7Ear-Witness To Murder by Dennis Bernstein
8The Gecko by Christine H. Boldt
9Apples of Gold by Paul Bowers
10a message in a bottle by Gareth Culshaw
11Ode to Bruce and Clark by JD DeHart
12C by Robert Ford
13Last view of the island by Robert Ford
14Calling by Wendy Gist
15If I Were a Pen by Bill Glose
16A Crease Across A Heart by Aaron Glover
17What Julia Says by Aaron Glover
18Witness from a Cafe Window by D.A. Gray
19An Apology Of A Kind by John Grey
20Inside Me by Michele Keyes
21Wet Shoes by Gary Lark
22Hikalu Dying by Mary McGinnis
23Lithium by Mary McGinnis
24Thief by Mary Ann Meade
25Kiss the Boot by Tom Murphy
26A Winter Day by Benjamin Nash
27God walks out of math proficiency exam by Timothy Pilgrim
28When I went out to hang myself by Timothy Pilgrim
29Brown Paper Bag by Lillian Ramirez
30Price Tag on the Soul by Lillian Ramirez
31The Apple Tree by Jack Ritter
32Flash Headlights for Curbside Service by Larry Rogers
33One spring by Larry Rogers
34Restoration by Jeff Santosuosso
35Like a Bazooka by Ray Spitzenberger
36Picasso Loved The Circus by Ray Spitzenberger
37Still Life with Chorus of Frogs by Allyson Whipple
38A Winter Heat by Cullen Whisenhunt
39Burdened Air by John Zedolik

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Banner pictures of the Red River contributed by Bob McCranie & David Kozlowski. Used with permission.