Red River Review - May 2002

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1Scene of a Farewell Feast by Nick J. Antosca
2In the Grand Jury Theater, NYC by Kate Bernadette Benedict
3Auction by Kevin Blankenship
4Afterwards by Toby Leah Bochan
5Chinese Lessons by Toby Leah Bochan
6The Mormon Girl's Basement by Theresa Boyar
7Red Wing Blackbird by Cherie Bullock
8Concerning Sadness by Kara Candito
9A Dreamhome for the Lonely by Graham Catt
10Act of Repentance by Richard Charles
11Special Education, 1976 by Johnson Cheu
12Largo by Solana (Sunny) d'Lamant
13Stranger's Home by Richard Dinges, Jr.
14Belmont Hospital by Jim Fisher
15Two Summers Crossing Tracks by Larry L. Fontenot
16You Were Young by Anne Carroll Fowler
17Hard Knocking by Carol Frome
18It was meant to be by Rich Furman
19Dashed expectations by Daniel Garrett
20Electroshock Therapy by Michelle Gibson
21Two Sticks by Michelle Gibson
22Autumn's Counterpoint by James Gramann
23Afternoon Light by Larry Greenbaum
24Southwest Harvest by Alan Greenwood
25naked by George Henson
26Temptation by Leo Antonio Hernandez
27Day of Surgery Lounge by Larry Johnson
28"The Wheel" by Roger Jones
29A Poem Written After an Evening of Reading Darwin And the Scriptures, In That Order by Richard Jordan
30Wedding Photograph by Richard Jordan
31A Poem for Daphne, No 21 by Duane Locke
32A Butterfly Is Dying by Samantha Martinez
33Lighthouse by Mark McKain
34Pioneer Diary by Mark McKain
35Last Days by Liam McKee
36Mother Tongue by Liam McKee
37Sojourner by Caroline Morrell
38Agua Dulce by Elizabeth O'Neill
39Da by Elizabeth O'Neill
40The Utah Highway by Diane Payne
41Stacking Stones by Daniel Rasmus
42A Match by PB Rippey
43Facing Pages by Margaret A. Robinson
44Golden Hourglass by Suzanne Ryan
45Meeting Ginsberg by Catherine Taylor
46#157 The General and his Driver by Greg Thompson
47#175 The Obsessive Circumcision by Greg Thompson
48Bedroom Psychology by James Wackett

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