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1Saving Unborn Privates by Jeffrey Alfier
2Poet on Fire by Jill C. Alt
3The Humped Men by Laurie Joan Aron
4In The Garden by Gavin Austin
5A Love Poem For Every Day You Are Away by T.E. Ballard
6Lauren by Beau Boudreaux
7Rain by Beau Boudreaux
8The Mask by Janet Buck
9Notes of A Survivor by Richard Alan Bunch
10The Naming of Names by Mary Lou Buschi
11Poem for the Oldest Daughter by Vincent Canizaro Jr.
12Dreaming American by Brandon Cesmat
13God Acts by Brandon Cesmat
14New Light by Brandon Cesmat
15Supernatural by Rachel Dacus
16Removed by Removed
17Bargain Stigmata by Mark DeCarteret
18Vodka Walk by Rebecca Ebersole
19Manners by Susannah Eisner
20All Such Ruined Houses Are Haunted by Richard Fein
21OCTOBER 26, 2002 by David Filer
22AIDS Researchers at Work and Play by Sam Friedman
23Morning by Sam Friedman
24Parish School by Ron Gamache
25Pill by Ron Gamache
26living is? by Debra-Elisabeth Glassco
27loving you by judi goldberg
28Settling by Kenneth Hada
29April's Six Note Song by Daniel Henry
30The Small Movements by Daniel Henry
31Poached Rabbit Elegy by Jackleen Holton
32The Water Hole by Melanie Huber
33Hole in the Boat by Taylor Johnson
34be still. by Katie Keene
35Can Opener by Ann Kelley
36Even Jesus Had Disciples by Carol Parris Krauss
37Her Name Was Rosa by Kristi Ladage
38I Know Women by Colleen R. Little
39You hurt. by Nadine Moawad
40SCAR by Beth Pardue
41Hygiene II by G. L. Pettigrew
42Again, Tonight by Frank Shimerdla
43Fear of Finality by Barbara Ann Smith
44Hungry Critters by Barbara Ann Smith
45Scream for Mercy by Barbara Ann Smith
46Sleeping to Debussy by Joris Soeding
47Between The Lines by Hazel Spire
48Father & Son by Philip Strom
49Bitter Breeze on Delkin Field by Tony A. Thompson
50Possumhaw by Tony A. Thompson
51Christmas At The D.A.R. by Kenneth Wanamaker
52Idyll by Kenneth Wanamaker
53Nativity Scene by Kenneth Wanamaker
54Stone, remembered by Kelley Jean White MD
55That my father at 70 by Kelley Jean White MD
56Thirteen Ways of Looking at Pain by Sallie Young
57Orientation by Jianqing Zheng
58Pop Quiz by Jianqing Zheng

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