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1Crocodile Rider by James Adams
2Act with Silence by Nathan A. Baker
3Changing of the Guard by Nathan A. Baker
4Rules of Engagement by Nathan A. Baker
5A Suicide by Barry Ballard
6Learning Abroad by Gloria J. Bennett
72004 by Corry Chapman
8Jesus Year by T. Nicole Cirone
9Turkey Shoot by T. Nicole Cirone
10deliverance by Robert Combs
11she lies beside me by Robert Combs
12Searching for a Heartbeat by Peter Dabbene
13Christmas Eve by Dom DiBernardi
14Reminder by Cy Dillon
15To Ann by Cy Dillon
16Roman a Clef by Alfred Encarnacion
17Visiting Hours by Shelby Girard
18Fake Tattoos by Tom Hamilton
19Godmaker by Michelle Hartman
20Curing Blindness by Anne Higgins
21After the Fall by Donald Illich
22Shells by Karen Karpowich
23Before The End Of Time by Michael Keshigian
24Husbands And Wives by Michael Keshigian
25Quietly Tomorrow by J. Darrell Kirkley
26At the Detroit Bus Station, 4 A.M by Steve Klepetar
27The Morning After You Tell Me. by c.a. leibow
28Sharing a Cigarette With My Father by Alisa Malinovich
29After by Patrick Meighan
30Markings In The Dust by Raul G. Moldez
31Lesson by Erin Murphy
32Translocation by Suzanne Nielsen
33bird girl statue in savannah cemetery by Stanley M Noah
34what we all have by Stanley M Noah
35No Accident by Nathanael O'Reilly
36Christmas on Hazel Mountain by James Owens
37Somewhere Outside of Ithaca, NY by Rachel Patterson
3817 x 12 x 8 by LB Sedlacek
39Brim by Andrew Slattery
40The Body and the Sea by Andrew Slattery
41how i knew i was a parent by David Sutton
42The Scent by Lauren Tivey
43The Cries of Gulls by Davide Trame
44Lake House by Kathleen Vibbert
45On the Wheel by Maryfrances Wagner
46The Man in the Grocery Store by Maryfrances Wagner

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